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International Vaccine Centre

Accessing InterVac

Containment Level 3 Access

VIDO’s containment level 3 facility, the International Vaccine Centre (InterVac) is available to collaborators and visiting scientists from government, academia and industry. InterVac contains the most advanced technologies for the study of infectious diseases and is one of the largest CL3 facilities with large animal capacity in the world.

The business office is the first point of contact for all access for academic, public and private users of InterVac. Our team will assist in research plan development, project scheduling and will coordinate federal regulatory approvals and university permits.

We will help potential users:

  • Apply to access containment level 3
  • Complete required training and security clearance (as applicable)
  • Provide general administrative support

For more information on our services please download our brochure  or contact us.

Accessing Containment Level 3 – Application Process

Access for all users is allocated based on space and regulatory approval. All proposals are reviewed for safety, scientific and technical feasibility and must be approved by Canadian Regulatory Agencies, University of Saskatchewan Biosafety Committee, and if animal use is proposed, the University Council for Animal Care prior to an experiment being scheduled. 

Currently, there is an open call for proposals and they will be reviewed upon submission. At a future date fixed calls may be implemented.

There are currently two types of access

  1. Complete Contracted Access; and
  2. Partial Contracted Access (Participating Visitor).

Both types require a contractual agreement between VIDO-InterVac and the user.

1) Complete Contracted Access: This is research where VIDO-InterVac staff are solely responsible for completing the containment level 3 tasks in the protocol. This will be the most expensive, but also the most efficient since there will be no costs incurred for training, travel and accommodation for you or your staff. You will not be required to provide a clear security background check, nor associated level 3 training.

2) Partial Contracted Access: This is research where you participate in the containment level 3 research as a 'Participating Visitor'. All Participating Visitors will be required to complete biosafety training and reliability screening as defined by the Public Health Agency of Canada Human and Pathogens and Toxins Act and Regulations. Please note that this training is laboratory specific so certificates from other facilities are not accepted. All animal care is performed solely by our clinical research group.

Please contact us for more information on the proposal and access steps. 

Accessing Containment Level 3 - Cost

The containment level 3 facility runs on a cost recovery model. Costs vary significantly depending on the research proposed based on multiple factors. As such, each research proposal will be quoted individually. A preliminary quote will be generated based on your preliminary proposal to facilitate your budget preparation and to assist in any grant proposals you are writing.

Accessing Containment Level 3 – Training

Safety and security is of paramount importance to VIDO-InterVac. All Participating Visitors must meet the requirements as determined by VIDO-InterVac policies and the Public Health Agency of Canada Human Pathogens and Toxins Act and Regulations including:

  • Biosafety training:
    • All participating visitors must complete general online biosafety training course for the University of Saskatchewan
    • All participating visitors must complete in-person CL3 biosafety training at VIDO-InterVac
  • Medical surveillance program: All participating visitors must take part in the medical surveillance program established for the project/pathogen in their research proposal. This may include receiving immunizations, undergoing testing and receiving respirator fit testing and training.
  • In person shadow training: Mandatory in-person experimental or area specific training via ‘shadowing’ will be required prior to unescorted access

Upon execution of a contract and successful submission of required documentation and completion of the required training and reliability background check you will be issued a visitor photo identification card and asked to sign a visiting scientist agreement.